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Use solar power

Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant

Sanctioned Projects

MNRE (G.O.I), New Delhi has selected Chandigarh to develop as Model Solar City through Chandigarh Renewal Energy, Science and Technology Promotion Society (CREST). Master Plan for Model solar City was prepared by   The Energy and Resource Institute (TERI).  The  Master Plan of Solar City has been approved by MNRE, GOI in Jan/12.

  Department of Science & Technology, UT Chandigarh through CHANDIGARH RENEWAL ENERGY SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY PROMOTIONAL SOCIETY (CREST) is the Nodal Agency for executing Solar & other RE Projects.

Solar City: The Concept

A "solar city" is an urban area that aims to:


       Reduce dependence on fossil fuels for its energy needs

       Limit emission levels to sustainable levels even while maintaining the desired socio-economic development growth




(A)   Solar Photo Voltaic Power Generation( Grid Connected)

(i)                     Roof Top Based Solar power Generation

(ii)                    Use of Landfill site  for Solar Power Generation   


(B) Solar Water Heating System

(C)  SPV Street Light system in Parks, Gardens etc


Progress of Installation of Sola Photovoltaic Power plants in Chandigarh as on 30th April, 2018

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News Updates

Solar PV for all (SPV4ALL) is now LIVE

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